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A Ocala Disability Attorney on How to Estimate Your Limitations at Your Hearing

  • Published: October 1, 2013

When you testify before the judge about your impairment, it will be important to describe any limitations that have come about since your impairment. Your Ocala disability attorney will remind you that the judge expects you to be clear and detailed in your descriptions.

The Judge’s Questions

The questions the judge asks about your limitations will, of course, vary depending on your impairment, so your Ocala disability attorney will prepare you as to what you should expect. Generally, though, the questions involve your ability to sit, stand, walk, and lift.

Your Descriptions

Your Ocala, Florida disability law firm lawyer will advise you that clear, descriptive examples of the limitations you have faced will be the most effective way to present your impairment to the judge. As such, you should be speaking to the judge almost as if you are speaking to an old friend. It will be helpful to not only answer the questions, but offer any additional information that gives context to your answer. Thus, if you are explaining why you are only able to walk a few blocks, your Ocala disability lawyer will suggest that you narrate a recent incident during which you were only able to walk so far and describe how walking made you feel.

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