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An Ocala Disability Attorney Explains How to Answer Questions Regarding Your Medical History

  • Published: August 1, 2013

When filing a case to receive Social Security disability benefits, your Ocala disability attorney will prepare you for what to expect at trial regarding your medical history. In some instances, the judge will ask no questions asked about your medical history, as he or she may have the records of medical professionals, hospitals and anyone else who might have provided treatment. The records may be allowed to stand on their own.

Your Ocala Disability Lawyer Must Make Your Medical Records Available to the Judge

Your Ocala disability lawyer is responsible for ensuring that the medical records that the judge requires are placed in the hearing exhibit file. If these records needed, your attorney must also provide explanations from your doctor detailing what medical conditions you are suffering from and what your physical limitations are.

The Judge May Ask Comprehensive Questions About Your Medical History

It is possible that the judge will ask questions regarding your medical history. The judge might also ask how frequently you visit your doctor, what the doctor does to treat you, what kind of medications you are using, how often you use them, whether or not they work, and if there are side effects linked to the medications. The judge might also ask for a description of the symptoms you have suffered from and treatments you have received since your medical condition started. Other questions may include what doctors you have gone to see, whether or not you were hospitalized, and for how long. Your Ocala disability attorney will prepare you to answer these questions.

Try Not to Explain Technical Terms to the Judge

You will not be required or expected to know technical terms relating to your condition, or to explain how the doctors treated you for it. When discussing your condition, your attorney will tell you that it is preferable to not even attempt explaining what the doctors have said, what friends and acquaintances have said, or what you have read. If the judge asks you what you’ve been told by the doctors when it comes to your limitations and your condition, try to remember what was said and repeat it as best you can.

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