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An Ocala Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Testimony That Can Help Your Claim

  • Published: May 20, 2013

Testimony from people who know you and see you on a daily basis can add weight to the testimony you give at a Social Security disability claim proceeding. An Ocala Social Security disability attorney may gain corroborative testimony by posing certain questions to witnesses who are not in the medical field. An attorney may ask how often the person observes the claimant, whether the person heard the claimant’s testimony and whether the testimony seemed truthful. It would confirm the claimant’s testimony if the witness saw the claimant all the time and found the person’s testimony truthful.

Medical Conditions: Before and After

An Ocala Social Security disability attorney may attempt to get lay witnesses to speak to a claimant’s condition before and after the disability. Testimony from your wife—claiming you have emphysema, are disabled and need the money—would not be beneficial to your claim.

A good example would be if your wife testified that you had been a hard worker and good provider during your 26-year marriage but are now devastated because your disability has left you unable to support your family—and that your condition forced her to get a job. That can be somewhat helpful to your case, but it is even better if your wife explains how she has seen your disabilities impact your ability to work, as well as been witness to the medical routine you now must endure. It also is helpful if she can testify that you keep her up at night with your chronic coughing, and have difficulty lifting things like a gallon of milk or your young grandchild. Testifying to the court that you stopped smoking last year, regularly use a breathing machine and take prescribed medication, but still have difficulty walking to the mailbox located 50 feet from your front door, also corroborates your testimony.

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