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An Ocala Social Security Disability Lawyer Answers Questions About Take-Home Pay vs. Gross Income

  • Published: September 12, 2013

Wages from a part-time position can affect your Social Security disability claim. A skilled Ocala Social Security disability lawyer can provide you with answers to questions that may arise concerning trial work period services.

Is gross income or take-home considered in the trial work period services monthly amount? I am attempting to prevent my income from exceeding the limit.

The trial work period services monthly income rules apply to gross income, not take-home pay. An Ocala Social Security disability attorney can explain that these rules are stringent, and deductions taken solely as a means to reduce your income are not normally permitted.

What happens if I work below the “substantial gainful activity” level supposing I need more money than the trial work rules permit? What regulations apply in this case?

Although you cannot use deductions as a means to lower your income below the substantial gainful activity level, your income is averaged. Your gross income is what counts, but speaking hypothetically, deductions such as sick pay, “impairment-related work expenses” as defined by SSA, and some additional costs can lower your countable income below the SGA level. Before you consider any of these, speak with your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer or an SSA representative to ascertain that you are correct in the deductions you apply (health insurance, for example, cannot be deducted).

What Is the Best Course?

Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will advise you that it is unwise to depend on deductions to reduce your income below the SGA level, even though it is theoretically possible. It is far less risky simply to keep your average monthly gross earnings from exceeding SGA levels, using those as your point of reference.

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