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How Your Attorney Will Help You Relax Before Your Hearing

  • Published: July 17, 2014

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied twice, you will have the option of appealing to the hearing stage. The thought of testifying in a hearing makes many claimants nervous, but don’t worry. Your Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala will help put you at ease before the hearing.

Your attorney will usually arrange to meet with you a day or two before the hearing. He will want to discuss your disability and the relevant issues you will be expected to testify about so that you know what to expect. Your Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala will do what he can to help calm your nerves. You will be a much better effective witness if you are not fearful.

The key to giving effective testimony at your hearing is to give relevant and honest stories about your disability. Do not exaggerate or minimize the severity of your disability. Tell honest stories and anecdotes about the way your impairment makes you feel, how it impacts your life and what it keeps you from doing.

During the meeting, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will also give you information about the location and structure of the hearing so that you know what to expect and who will be there. You will find out about the hearing room, the judge, how the hearing will be recorded and what the relevant areas of inquiry will be.

If you have questions about your disability hearing, contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala. Call CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC at 352.304.5300.

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