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Avoiding Mistakes and Gathering Evidence for Your Ocala Disability Claim

  • Published: June 8, 2011

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a long and confusing process. In order to present the very best case for disability benefits before the Social Security Administration, you will need to know what to do and what to avoid. In this article, Ocala disability lawyer CJ Henry will provide some tips on how to proceed with your disability claim.

Two huge mistakes you should avoid.

First, if you’re initially denied benefits, do not give up. Failing to appeal is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, although it’s not uncommon: over half of disability claimants whose applications are denied fail to appeal for reconsideration, and many who are denied at the reconsideration phase fail to request a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Second, do not be reluctant or half-hearted about obtaining proper medical care for your condition. If you’ve suffered from a chronic medical condition for years, you might have given up hope that doctors can really do anything to help you, and you might be tempted to give up treatment. Do not fall into this line of reasoning—first, people suffering from chronic problems are especially in need of proper medical attention; and second, medical treatment is one of the most important pieces of evidence that the Social Security Administration will look at when determining whether you’re disabled.

Obtaining medical records and doctors’ letters.

It’s unnecessary for you to gather your own medical records, since the Social Security Administration will do that. Obtaining a doctor’s letter, however, is more complicated. People rarely win their cases just because they had their doctors write letters about their disability. Additionally, because of the complicated legal (and not just medical) factors that go into the determination of disability, a doctor may unwittingly create the wrong impression to the Social Security Administration. Therefore, you might want to leave it up to your Ocala disability lawyer to obtain medical reports instead of doing it yourself.

If you’re considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, Ocala disability lawyer CJ Henry can help. Simply fill out the form on this page to schedule a free initial consultation.

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