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Can I Still Qualify for Disability Benefits If I Work Part-Time?

  • Published: August 5, 2008

Whether or not you still qualify for disability benefits depends on how much you’re working, how much you’re making, and the specific disability program you are enrolled in.

The restrictions on what you can earn are stricter if you are enrolled in the Supplemental Security Income program. Assuming that you have no other sources of income besides your job and SSI, your Supplemental Security Income benefits are reduced by a dollar for every two dollars you earn over $85 in a month. It is entirely possible to earn so much at a job that your benefits stop altogether. If you earn enough to receive no benefits for an entire year, you will have to reapply for the program if you income goes back down.

The restrictions on what you can earn are more lax if you are receiving disability benefits. You simply have to earn below an amount set by the Social Security Administration. If you are earning below this limit, which the Social Security Administration refers to as the “substantial gainful activity” amount, you will continue to receive the entirety of your monthly benefits. In addition, the Social Security Administration allows you to continue to earn benefits for a little while after you start a job, allowing you a nine-month trial work period where you can earn anything and have your benefits unaffected.

The Social Security disability program can be very complex; every rule seems to have its exceptions. If you are denied benefits and are having trouble sorting out all of the Social Security Administration’s policy, call today for a free consultation with a Social Security disability attorney.

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