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Consultative Examination Explained by an Ocala Disability Attorney

  • Published: January 9, 2014

If you are making a claim for disability benefits, you may have to undergo a consultative examination. This process does not have to be complex or scary. With an Ocala disability attorney on your side, you will be ready for the examination. Here is a look at some frequently asked questions about the exam.

How Much Does the Exam Cost?

The examination is free. The Social Security Administration pays for all the costs associated with the consultative exam and report. An Ocala disability lawyer can tell you that this is true even if your own doctor performs the exam. In some extreme cases, the Social Security Administration may even pay the out-of-pocket costs of taking the exam.

What Happens at the Examination?

An Ocala disability attorney can tell you that exactly what happens at your examination will depend upon the type of impairment you are claiming and the information the Social Security Administration needs.

A complete examination can consist of an evaluation of medical history, physical and laboratory tests to diagnose the existence and severity of your impairment. Claims based on mental impairments may require additional tests.

Keep in mind that not all consultative examinations are complete examinations. The SSA may only need the results from certain tests to make its determination.

What Happen If You Miss the Exam?

If you have good excuse for missing the exam, an Ocala disability attorney can tell you that your exam may be rescheduled. However, if you fail to have a good reason, the SSA may make a decision based on the evidence in your file without the exam.

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