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Consultative Exams: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

  • Published: January 2, 2014

Some disability claimants are asked by the SSA to take a consultative examination for the purpose of gathering more medical evidence about their disability. Your Ocala disability lawyer will explain to you that this is usually nothing to worry about, but sometimes the results that come back are unfavorable.

The quality and effort of consultative examinations varies greatly. Sometimes the doctor only spends a short amount of time with the claimant and does not seem to really listen to them. Tell your Ocala disability lawyer if you feel this is what happened. You might also want to notify the Social Security Administration or complain to your disability examiner. Write a letter that will be added to your file; your Ocala disability attorney can help you with this.

To better corroborate what happened, you might want to have a family member or friend be there as a witness for the exam. Have them note what time the exam begins and ends.

Getting Unfavorable Results

If the results of the exam are not favorable to you, your Ocala disability attorney can help. If there is disagreement between your primary doctor and the SSA doctor, your Ocala disability lawyer might ask the treating doctor to address the issues raised and provide an explanation to the SSA .

The report from the SSA doctor might be vague, ambiguous and not very helpful. Your Ocala disability lawyer might simply ask the doctor to clear some things up or even send the doctor written interrogatories to answer.

If you have more questions about how consulting exams might impact your claim, contact an Ocala disability lawyer at CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC. Call 352-304-5300.

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