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Continuing Disability Review

  • Published: December 24, 2012

You’ve successfully applied for disability benefits and received your Notice of Award, but your relationship with your Ocala Social Security disability attorney may not be over yet. The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires a “continuing disability review” to ensure that disability benefit recipients still require financial assistance.

The Review

Every three years, the SSA will conduct a review of your impairments and other relevant aspects of your life. Your Notice of Award should offer a date when you can expect this review to occur. Depending on your case, the SSA may decide to review you more often than every three years. To complete the review, you will be asked to fill out a form with information about your life.

The form will ask for information about:

  • Relevant personal details.
  • If and how your impairment(s) have changed since your initial benefits approval.
  • Medical treatment, especially your interactions with doctors.
  • Work experience or vocational training.

Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can help you ensure that you have filled out the form correctly, and that you have not done anything particular on the form to endanger your benefits.

Checking up

You would also be wise to see your doctor regularly. While some people assume that their conditions are too chronic to be adequately treated, those who receive disability benefits ought to continue seeing their medical practitioner anyhow. SSA investigations will closely examine your history of medical visits and treatment; if you have stopped visiting your doctor, you may lack the evidence to prove that your condition has not improved. As you age it becomes more and more important that you receive regular physical examinations, especially if you already have medical problems.

I haven’t passed my review. What now?

If the SSA determines that your disability has improved or no longer exists, they will contact you to explain the appeal process. Work with your Ocala Social Security disability attorney to fully understand this process and respond within the 10 crucial days following receipt of notice.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced Ocala Social Security disability attorney at the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC at 352-304-5300 to discuss your disability benefits case.

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