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Disability Hearings Involving Shortness of Breath

  • Published: April 23, 2013

It is very important that you provide as much detail as possible when answering questions asked by the administrative law judge at your Social Security disability hearing. Your answers will have a direct effect on the outcome of your trial. As such, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will prepare you for the possible questions that a judge will ask so that you provide the necessary detail the judge is looking for.

Disability Hearings Involving Shortness of Breath

The ALJ will generally tailor his or her line of questions to claimant’s specific medical condition. If you are seeking disability benefits for the medical condition of shortness of breath, you can expect to be asked the following questions by the ALJ:

  • What causes your shortness of breath?
  • Describe your symptom when you are feeling shortness of breath.
  • How many pillows do you use when you sleep?
  • How many stairs can you climb before you have to stop due to shortness?
  • How fast can you walk?
  • How far can you walk before you become short of breath and have to stop?
  • Are you bothered by dust, fumes, or gases?
  • Do you have wheezing?
  • Do you get lung infections and how often?
  • How often do you have acute episodes of breathing problems?
  • How often did you miss work because of your breathing problems?

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