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Discrimination against the Mentally Ill

  • Published: February 4, 2009

Did you know that some insurance companies blatantly discriminate against the mentally ill? Many group disability policies limit the amount of benefit they will pay if the person’s disability is caused by, or related to, a mental illness. Amazingly, some Judges have decided that this type of discrimination against the mentally ill in long-term disability policies is okay.

Just think about it – what usually happens to an individual who becomes ill and unable to work? You guessed it – they become depressed. The insurance company loves to see depression mentioned in the medical record. This way they can cut their losses.

They also love to see cognitive impairments in your records as well. This can result from a brain injury or certain neurological condition. If you have a slip and fall striking your head, the insurance company will almost always try to label your brain injury as mental illness. If you don’t believe me read the sample appeal that is posted on our website. That is precisely what happened in our client’s case. Not only that they tried to paint her as a malingerer. Don’t let that happen to you. Get competent legal counsel who is not afraid to go against the insurance company.

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