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How to Enhance the Credibility of Your Testimony at the Social Security Disability Hearing

  • Published: March 13, 2014

Giving credible testimony at the Social Security disability hearing is crucial. If you aren’t able to accurately express that you are suffering from chronic pain and other limitations that severely impede your ability to work, the administrative law judge may deny your request for disability benefits. Prior to the hearing, the Ocala Social Security disability claim lawyer representing you will explain what to expect and the most effective way to answer the judge’s questions.

Guidelines to Follow While Answering Questions at the Disability Hearing

Your statements need to be consistent with the information provided in the medical documents. The administrative law judge will review your responses to the questions in the application and throughout the claims process. The treating physician’s opinion regarding your condition and symptoms will also be carefully examined. Your testimony is more credible when it is supported by medical test results and clinical findings. If friends, family members or acquaintances testify at the hearing about your daily activities and behavior, the administrative law judge will compare their observations to the claims you have made.

Proving that you continually sought medical treatment will support the assertion that you suffer from chronic pain. Medical records will show that you saw the physician on a regular basis and followed the recommended treatment plan. When you have consulted your physician and tried different medications or treatments to alleviate your symptoms, it will improve your credibility. The administrative law judge may have a harder time believing that you experience intense and persistent pain if you sought medical assistance irregularly or didn’t follow the physician’s instructions.

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