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Ensuring Strong Testimony

  • Published: January 29, 2013

Witnesses are essential figures in most Social Security disability hearings, since they provide eyewitness evidence of a claimant’s disabilities. That does not necessarily mean that all witnesses are equally useful, however, so it is your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer’s responsibility to weed out the least useful witnesses.

Types of Witness Testimony

Witnesses can provide either weak or strong testimony.

  • Weak testimony is often characterized by vagueness, brevity, and unsubstantiated claims.
  • Strong testimony is noticeable for its detailed descriptions, characterization job duties, and comparisons between an able worker and a disabled worker.

Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer should have the practice and education to spot the difference.

Examples of Weak Testimony

“I work as an operating line attendant in the same factory as the claimant. It is difficult work and I think that the claimant can’t continue to work at the factory because of her condition.”

Examples of Strong Testimony

“The claimant and I have both worked as operating line attendants in Factory A for eight years. Besides a 45-minute lunch break and one 15-minute rest break, we have to stand all day. We also have to lift 30 pound boxes from the machine line, fill them with 10 pound bricks, and then close them and place them back on the line, which requires coordination, dexterity, and physical strength. We are required to complete 30 boxes an hour or we are fired. If she can no longer lift heavy objects, she cannot do her job.”

Now that you are prepared to differentiate between weak and strong testimony, consider working with a disability attorney to present the strongest case possible at your disability hearing. Call the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC at (352) 304-5300 to contact an expert Ocala Social Security disability lawyer today.

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