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Fake Bad Scale

  • Published: February 4, 2009

A new article was recently published indicating the Fake Bad Scale adopted by the University of Minnesota Press as a part of the MMPI2 scoring package has results in over 50% of women, depending on the cut score used, in a hospital with documented eating disorders actually failing the scale.

The article is critical of the process by which the scale was actually adopted and concludes, “The FBS does not appear to be sufficiently reliable or valid test for measuring “faking bad” nor should it be used to impute the motivation to malinger in those reaching its variable and imprecise cutting scores.”

12/17/07, Butcher, James, Gass, Carlton, Cumella, Edward, Zina, Kally, Willliams, Carolyn

Potential for Bias in MMPI2 Assessment Using the Fake Bad Scale. Psychol. Inj and law

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