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How to Handle an Unfavorable Consultative Examination Report

  • Published: February 26, 2013

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) ordered a consultative examination as part of the evaluation process of your Social Security disability application, it is imperative that you hire an Ocala Social Security disability lawyer. Your lawyer will be most helpful if you are unhappy with the way the exam was conducted or if you do not agree with the report.

How to Handle an Unfavorable Consultative Examination Report

When You Are Dissatisfied With the Way the Consultative Exam Was Conducted

It is common for disability claimants to be dissatisfied with the way the doctor handled their consultative examination. This is because the doctors usually only spend a brief time conducting the examination.

If you are not happy with your consultation examination, it is important to immediately notify both your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer and the SSA. It is also recommended that you write a letter, which will be added to your file.

When the Results Are Not Favorable

Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer’s help is very important when the results of your consultative examination are not favorable. Your lawyer can contact the consulting doctor and get him or her to clear up any discrepancies between his or her report and your own treating doctor’s report. This may clear up some ambiguities, which will ultimately be important to the outcome of your case, especially at the disability hearing level.

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