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Issues With Receiving Your Disability Payments

  • Published: April 26, 2013
Issues With Receiving Your Disability Payments

Common vocational issues that come up in Social Security disability cases involved the physical and mental demands of the claimant’s former jobs. Your Ocala disability attorney can explain these issues in further detail.

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Physical and Mental Demands of Past Relevant Work

In the majority of disability cases, the issue of a claimant’s physical and mental demands at a former job does not need to be explained by a vocational expert. The disability examiner generally gets the necessary information he or she is looking for in making a decision based on the information provided the Social Security guidelines.

But if either your Ocala disability attorney or the judge has requested a vocational expert at the hearing for another issue, the expert will be expected to address this issue as well.

Physical and Mental Demands of Past Jobs Based on Similar Job in the National Economy
If you are no longer able to perform any past jobs given the restrictions of your disability, the examiner will look to see if your past job description involved tasks and duties significantly in excess of those generally required for that job by other employers. If so, you will not be found disabled if you are able to perform the job as ordinarily required by employers in the national economy.

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