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An Ocala Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer Explains Physical Exertion Levels

  • Published: May 8, 2014

In this article, an experienced Ocala Social Security disability claims lawyer explains how the Social Security Administration classifies the various levels of physical exertion required in different types of jobs.

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles

This extremely large reference book lists practically every conceivable type of job that could possibly exist in the job market along with the skills and educational level required for each. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will be familiar with this reference. The paragraph below outlines the categories that the SSA has accepted as given in the DOT prior to its revision:

“Sedentary jobs involve sitting; walking and standing are required occasionally. When walking or standing are involved to a significant degree, the job is classified as light even when the weight lifted is negligible. A job is also classified as light when it involves sitting most of the time with a degree of pushing and pulling of arm and/or leg controls.”

The Newer Definitions

You and your Ocala Social Security disability attorney may find the categories of physical exertion that were changed in the DOT when it was revised in 1991 to be helpful to you in your case. If the work you have been accustomed to doing for the last fifteen years involved repeated lifting of heavy objects, the information below may be pertinent. The DOT’s definitions for heavy lifting are given as follows:

“Occasionally: activity or condition exists up to 1/3 of the time.
Frequently: activity or condition exists from 1/3 to 2/3 of the time.
Constantly: activity or condition exists 2/3 or more of the time.
*The definition of Light Work used in the 1991 Revision includes the following notation:
Even though the weight lifted requirements may be a negligible amount, a job should be rated Light Work when it requires:
(1) walking or standing to a significant degree; or
(2) sitting most of the time but entails pushing and or pulling of arm or leg controls; and/or
(3) working at a production rate pace entailing the constant pushing and/or pulling of materials even though the weight of those materials is negligible.”

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