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Questions You May Be Asked About Your Mental Condition at Your Hearing

  • Published: October 17, 2011

If you suffer from a mental impairment, your Ocala Social Security lawyer or the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will question you during your hearing to determine your “mental residual functional capacity.” Your mental RFC is your ability to perform work related tasks, despite your mental condition.

For example, during the hearing you may need to answer questions involving your ability to understand and complete instructions. The ALJ or your disability lawyer may ask you if you are able to remember instructions, or if you have any difficulty maintaining concentration for a prolonged period. The Administrative Law Judge may also want to know if you can work independently without constant supervision, or if you need special supervision to complete all tasks.
In addition, you may need to answer questions about your judgment and ability to cope and respond appropriately to normal work situations, including other employees present in the workplace. Questions may include whether you are able to make appropriate decisions at work and if you can work harmoniously with other employees. Also, you may be asked how you cope with criticism from others, like your supervisor. The Administrative Law Judge or your Ocala Social Security lawyer may ask you questions about how you would be able to cope with any sudden changes in your work environment.

If you are not already represented and would like to consult with an experienced Ocala Social Security attorney at the CJ Henry Law Firm, call (352) 304-5300. We will be happy to answer your questions about mental residual functional capacity and what to expect at your Social Security disability hearing.

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