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Social Security Disability Attorney in Ocala and Pain Credibility

  • Published: May 15, 2014

A Social Security Disability Attorney in Ocala Addresses Your Statements About What You Feel

In this blog, a Social Security disability attorney in Ocala offers insights as to how the Social Security Administration weighs your descriptions of your symptoms.

How You Feel

When you describe the effects of your condition, you are telling your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer and the SSA how you feel. If you are hurting, having difficulty breathing, are experiencing vertigo and other symptoms, this will affect your ability to perform on a job. It is these conditions that the SSA is most concerned with evaluating. First of all, you must show that a medically determinable impairment, a condition that can be diagnosed using standard medical or laboratory procedures, is the source of your condition. Then the SSA will examine your condition and decide whether or not it is severe enough to prevent you from meeting the requirements of a job.

Backing Up Your Statements

Input from others coupled with your own description and the materials in your case record must be taken into account if there is insufficient medical documentation to support your testimony. The adjudicator must then decide whether or not to you qualify and to what degree.

The Evidence

All of the information that has been compiled about you so far will be included in your case record. This consists of your medical and laboratory reports, the opinions and diagnoses of your physicians and specialists, your own statements and those of people who know you, information gained by SSA personnel who spoke with you and the opinion that the adjudicator formed while working with you. The adjudicator will review all of this information in order to evaluate the reliability of your testimony.

Your Next Step

Your Social Security disability attorney in Ocala can provide you with advice and guidance that can help you as you progress in your case. Contact the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC by calling 352-304-5300 today.

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