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Social Security Disability Benefits: Questions & Concerns Regarding Your Benefits

  • Published: October 29, 2012

The majority of new Social Security disability recipients have numerous questions regarding their benefits. Although you can contact the Social Security Office directly, you will get a more detailed answer from your Ocala Social Security disability attorney.

 The two major questions recipients have are regarding direct deposit and cashing the first check.

Direct Deposit

 Social Security disability recipients have the option of signing up to receive their checks via direct deposit. The Social Security Administration (SSA) generally requires claimants to sign up for direct deposit when they initially file their claim. Because it can take months or years to be awarded benefits, some people forget they signed up for direct deposit with a particular bank account.

 If you close an account that you had signed up for direct deposit, it may take some to time to get it transferred and receive the checks that were issued to that account. You may even have to personally go to the Social Security office to update the SSA on your current account information. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can be of great assistance in dealing with Social Security to get you your checks back on track.

Cashing Your First Check

Another concern some new recipients have is regarding whether they should cash their first check for back pay before receiving the Notice of Award. Although there are no legal ramifications with cashing this check prior to receiving the Notice of Award, you should keep in mind that your attorney’s fees may not have been deducted from the amount. So, it is in your best interest to deposit this back pay in a savings account and not spend it until you determine whether your Ocala Social Security disability attorney has been paid.

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