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Social Security Disability Hearings: Post-Testimony Events

  • Published: July 12, 2011

The most important thing your Ocala disability attorney will do for you is prepare you for your testimony. In the best-case scenario, you will be prepared well enough that your Ocala disability attorney will not have to ask many questions and your testimony will feature you speaking in a natural way. After the testimony, however, some important events do occur.

Right after you complete your testimony, your Ocala disability lawyer will be permitted to question any witnesses that you have brought with you to the hearing. Bringing at least one witness to your hearing is important in corroborating what you have said, giving details about your disabilities and their effects on you, and/or to offer an alternative point of view on your medical issues. After witness testimony, the judge may call a doctor or vocational expert to testify.

Before the hearing ends, some judges might ask you if you have anything more to say or add. Do not try to argue your case at this late point; leave that up to your Ocala disability lawyer. Your Ocala disability lawyer will be able to make a closing argument either verbally at the end of the hearing or later via writing.

Most of the time, hearings do not end in a decision. As a matter of fact, it often takes quite a while for a judge to issue a decision after a hearing, and so most claimants simply have to wait. If the judge does issue a decision at the end of the hearing, it is called a bench decision and the written version will be mailed to you and your lawyer, usually within a few days of the hearing.

Having the help of an experienced disability lawyer can greatly increase your odds of success at a Social Security disability hearing. Fill out the form on this page for a free consultation with Ocala disability attorney CJ Henry.

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