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Strategies to Prove Back Pain

  • Published: November 7, 2013

Ocala disability lawyerBack pain is a frequent complaint of Social Security disability applicants, but that does not mean that spinal disabilities are easy to prove to the Social Security Administration. An Ocala disability lawyer must demonstrate that an applicant’s incapacity is genuine and that it warrants Social Security disability benefits.

Ocala Disability Attorneys and Clients Must Substantiate Their Claims

The Social Security Administration must possess hard evidence of an applicant’s back pain in order to award benefits. Social Security Administration officials will examine the following materials to determine whether an applicant’s claims of pain and discomfort are substantiated.

  • Medical records
  • Statements from medical professionals regarding the applicant’s reliability and trustworthiness
  • Treatment history and the recorded effects
  • Documented symptoms and physical limitations

Essentially, the Social Security Administration will be more willing to believe an applicant and his or her Ocala disability lawyer if the applicant’s stated symptoms are corroborated by reliable data and reputable medical professionals.

Mental Symptoms May Play a Role

Evaluating an applicant’s physical limitations and symptoms, such as severe pain and limited range of motion, is important. Yet Ocala disability lawyer may also need to work with a doctor to show that a claimant’s mental state contributes to his or her pain level and limited abilities.

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