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Testifying About Your Mental Limitations

  • Published: July 6, 2011

Preparing to testify about your mental limitations can mean very different things depending on the particulars of your case. Your Ocala disability lawyer will be able to provide you more information about how to testify, but this article gives some general principles.

Even if you have small-scale mental limitations, the matter still needs to be discussed with your Ocala disability lawyer well in advance of the hearing. If you have both mental limitations and physical impairments, the mental issues are still very important to discuss before the trial. There are some very specific issues that concern those who have both physical and mental issues.

Those who have chronic and severe physical problems often develop emotional issues as well. In fact, such simultaneous occurrence is so common that it is surprising when it does not take place. Sadly, many individuals suffering from physical issues are ashamed to speak of the concurrent emotional issues because they fear being seen as crazy. In fact, having mental problems as a result of your physical condition means that you are reacting in a fairly normal way to a serious issue.

You need to be both willing and able to describe any emotional elements of your pain because it is often those aspects of pain that interfere most greatly with your ability to work. Some of the most common mental and emotional issues associated with pain include anxiety, memory problems, concentration issues, short temper, challenges in getting along with others, self-imposed social isolation, crying spells, and depression.

Whether your claim involves mental limitations or purely physical ones, preparing for a hearing can be difficult without a lawyers help. Call (352) 304-5300 or fill out the form on this page for a free case evaluation.

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