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Testifying about Your Fatigue

  • Published: September 11, 2012

Nearly all who suffer a disability experience fatigue. This, in itself, can significantly impair your ability to perform routine tasks and preclude you from living a normal life. Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will prepare you for the hearing before the administrative law judge, where you can be certain you will be asked in-depth questions about how fatigue has affected you.

Sample Questions

While the judge will question you, your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will be on hand in case any issues arise. The following is a sampling of the kinds of questions the judge may ask you regarding fatigue.

Onset of Your Fatigue

  • Describe your fatigue. When did it begin?
  • What is the nature of your fatigue – weakness, lack of energy, mental or physical weariness?
  • When fatigue comes on, how does it affect your motivation?
  • Does your fatigue come over you all at once or gradually?

Aggravators of Your Fatigue

  • What specifically aggravates your feelings of fatigue – physical or mental activity, depression, temperature, anxiety, etc.?
  • How much can you physically do before you become fatigued?
  • Is your fatigue worse at certain times of day?

Soothing Your Fatigue

  • What are some things you do to lessen your sense of fatigue – hot bath, naps or long sleep, music, meditation, etc.?
  • How well do you generally sleep?
  • How long do you usually need to rest when you are fatigued before you can resume an activity?

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