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The Standard Long-Term Disability Denial

  • Published: October 14, 2019

Large insurance companies like The Standard are known for delaying and denying LTD claims. And the appeals process can be daunting and time-consuming. But with the help of an experienced The Standard Long-Term disability denial attorney, you can fight to get the benefits that you need.

Who Is The Standard Insurance Company?

The Standard is the fourth largest disability provider in the United States. They collect more than $1 billion in premiums each year for short- and long-term disability insurance. The Standard offers both group and individual plans, which range from basic to platinum options.

Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company is the largest affiliate of the Securian Financial Group, and it partners with The Standard to provide disability insurance. Both The Standard and Minnesota Life cover more than four million people under disability policies.

The Standard Has Their Own Doctors

The Standard works with a network of doctors to evaluate claims. They even have their own in-house consultants for vocational rehabilitation to determine when claimants may be able to work alternative occupations.

In order to combat this, you must have a methodical, strategic approach to claims and appeals through The Standard. Your medical documentation must exceed theirs and address any flaws in their case against your claim.

Disability Claims Process With The Standard

Filing the Claim

If you become disabled and are unable to work, then you should file a timely claim with your disability insurer, such as The Standard. The process involves a form or multiple forms that request the following information:

  • Description of your illness or injuries
  • Your normal occupational duties and demands
  • Salary and earning information
  • Statements from your doctor detailing limitations and restrictions, care, and treatment

The LTD insurance company will be trying to verify that you are unable to perform the important occupational duties of your job due to your current health status.

Dealing With a Delay or Denial

After you file your claim, The Standard must reply to your application. If they delay or deny your claim, they must give you an explanation as to why. Common reasons include policy limitations, missing medical evidence, missed deadlines, and failure to completely fill out the application forms. The Standard may also disagree with your doctor’s medical findings about your restrictions and limitations.

If your LTD insurance is a group plan provided through an employer, then you must appeal any denial via the administrative process before you can file an ERISA lawsuit. The appeals process will involve additional medical evidence and addressing any issues that The Standard mentioned in its explanation of why it was denying your claim.

Administrative Appeal

ERISA is a federal law that requires you to go through administrative appeal according to the terms of your LTD policy. The administrative process has its own deadlines to submit documentation of medical conditions and a complete rebuttal of the reasons your claim was denied. You must make all medical and legal arguments during the administrative appeals process.

If you fail to meet any of the deadlines associated with your appeal, then your claim may be further denied and you may not be able to continue on to the lawsuit process.

Filing a Lawsuit

If your policy does not require you to go through the administrative appeals process, or if The Standard continues to deny your claim, you may have to file a lawsuit against the company to obtain LTD benefits.

During a lawsuit, a judge will review all of your medical evidence as well as any documentation from the insurance company. The more complete of a record you offer, the better of an outcome you will receive.

What Happens After an Appeal?

Even if you win the administrative appeal or lawsuit, you will have an ongoing disability claim with The Standard. The insurance company will likely have to re-approve benefits every so often to keep them going for a certain amount of time. You can review your policy to see how often the insurance company will need to re-approve your claim. Each time this process happens, you will have to appeal again.

It’s best if you continuously update your LTD insurance company with medical documentation every time you see a doctor or specialist. This lets them know that your disability continues and you are complying with treatment.

We Can Help You Appeal The Standard Long-Term Disability Denial

If your disability claim is denied by The Standard or their affiliated companies, seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. The appeals process can be overwhelming and requires legal knowledge and a careful approach. Contact CJ Henry Law Firm PLLC today to learn more about how we can help.

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