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Erisa Disability Lawyer CJ Henry Can Help You With Your Claim

Insurance adjusters will look for any reason to deny your claim. And much depends on how the term “disability” is defined in the language of your policy. Nonetheless, CJ Henry Law Firm has successfully won appeals for a number of our clients. With our high success rate, we will fight tirelessly to see that your insurance company satisfies the terms of your contact.

Will I Be Automatically Denied If I Have A Pre-Existing Condition?

Nearly all plans have some limitations or exclusions based on pre-existing conditions. This is governed by the terms of the policy. Whether your pre-existing condition is excluded will depend on how long you’ve been covered by the policy and, if less than the policy guideline, whether you received treatment during that policy look back period. If the policy does exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions and you are covered under the policy less than 12 months and receive treatment during the three months prior to coverage, then the carrier will scrutinize your coverage history…Read More

Life Insurance Claims

Your loved one spent thousands of dollars every year to ensure that their surviving loved ones would be taken care of in the event of their death. When they died, the life insurance policy that they believed would pay out was denied. Now their beneficiaries are left without their loved one and without the money that they are owed. This scenario is not as uncommon as it may seem. Insurance companies embed a number of contingencies in a life insurance policy that could void the contract. Sometimes they deny claims that are valid without doing the proper research. Or, sometimes they deny claims on lack of information or based on wrong information. And sometimes they just want to see what they can get away with. Regardless, if your loved one spent years of their life paying into a policy that an insurance company is later going to turn around and claim it was voided on a contingency, you may have cause to sue and recover at least some of the money. At CJ Henry Law Firm, we help those who have had death benefit claims denied. Our life insurance claim lawyers will fight aggressively to try to get the insurance company to honor its contract…Read More

We Will Review Your Policy

Depending on whether or not your policy defines “disabled” in terms of being unable to perform your current job or unable to perform any job at all will differ from case to case. In some cases, policies will pay out for a set period of time if you are able to perform your current job. They will then expire, shifting the language of the policy to include any job at all. Of course, under that language, it would be very difficult to find anyone who is not capable of performing any job. Even still, you’re entitled to that money. Just because your claim is denied doesn’t mean that the battle is over.

We Can Help You Recover Damages In A Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Florida law insists that insurance companies act in the best interests of their policyholders. They are allowed to deny claims, but they cannot deny claims without a legitimate reason. If you have reason to believe that your claim was denied in bad faith, then you are entitled to recover damages from the insurance company. The ERISA disability lawyers at CJ Henry Law Firm can help you litigate a bad faith denial of a valid insurance claim.

Establishing That The Insurance Company Denied Your Claim In Bad Faith

When you accuse an insurance company of denying a claim in bad faith, you must establish that your claim was valid and the insurance company had no good reason for denying it. In addition, they may delay satisfying a claim or avoid conducting a proper investigation before denying a claim. Any one of these actions would constitute bad faith by the insurance company. Of course, not every denial is in bad faith. But if your denial is found to be in bad faith, then not only might you be entitled to collect on the policy, you may also be awarded punitive damages. The ERISA disability lawyers at CJ Henry can help you when your insurance company operates in bad faith.

We Can Help You File Your Erisa Disability Claim Appeal

The vast majority of ERISA disability claims are denied because the insurance company sees insufficient evidence to satisfy the claim. When that’s the case, it becomes a matter of getting that evidence from doctors and vocational experts. These professionals can testify and issue statements on your behalf to see that you provide the insurance company with adequate evidence.

Collecting To Evidence You Need To Win Your Appeal

The attorneys at CJ Henry Law Firm will prepare your appeal for your long-term disability benefits claim. In addition, we will explore every avenue in which to gather evidence in support of your claim. There can be a number of reasons why an insurance company after investigating a claim might deny it. This can have something to do with the type of disability you are claiming is preventing you from working. Our attorneys have experience managing LTD insurance company’s expectations in terms of evidence. If you provide enough evidence, the insurance company has no choice but to honor your claim.

If You Have A Denied Claim, You Have Options

With even the slightest justification, insurance companies can and will deny your claim. This is true regardless of whether your disability is preventing you from working or not. However, you have recourse. Not only can you file an appeal, but with enough evidence, you can leverage the insurance company to satisfy your claim. If you’ve provided all the necessary evidence and your claim was still denied, you can file a complaint with the Florida Department of Insurance. Moreover, you can sue under Florida’s bad faith insurance law. If you win, you’ll be entitled to have your claim honored and punitive damages. This law keeps the insurance companies from denying otherwise valid claims at the cost of the policyholder.

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CJ Henry Law Firm has helped hundreds of Floridians fight bad insurance company decisions. We’ve helped our clients gather the evidence they need to fight denials. We’ve helped them hit back when the insurance company declined their claim in bad faith. We can help you file your claim, get the evidence you need, and collect the money you’re entitled to by law.

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