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Vocational Issues in Social Security Disability Cases

  • Published: August 20, 2012

Ocala, Florida disability lawyers can help you understand the vocational issues that may be involved in your Social Security disability case.

The Physical and Mental Demands of the Claimant’s Past Relevant Work

Typically, statements by you, the claimant, regarding past work are sufficient for determining the skill level, exertional level and nonexertional demands of your work and a vocational expert (VE) will not be necessary.

However, if a VE is present he or she may testify as to the demands of your past relevant work as you actually performed it or as generally performed in the national economy. If a does VE testify, your Ocala, Florida disability lawyers will play an important role in evaluating the impartiality, expertise and professional qualifications of the VE.

The Physical and Mental Demands of the Claimant’s Former Job

Should you be unable to perform any past job in the manner you actually performed it due to your current impairment, but that past job involved functional demands significantly in excess of those generally required for that job by other employers, you may be found not disabled. The issue becomes one of your capacity to perform the job as ordinarily required by employers in the national economy, not the requirements of the job you actually performed.

How to Proceed

The CJ Henry team, a group of Ocala, Florida disability lawyers, can help you understand the complex Social Security system. Call (352) 304-5300 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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