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Who Is the Administrative Law Judge?

  • Published: July 1, 2013

The administrative law judge (ALJ) will decide whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits at your hearing. Your Florida disability lawyer will prepare you for what to expect from the judge.


The ALJ will ask you about your impairment and how it affects your life. Your Florida disability lawyer will advise you not to ask the judge any questions other than to clarify what he has asked you. You may feel resentment toward the judge because of your subsequent denials, but he was not responsible for those decisions or the way the application process works. Thus, your Florida disability lawyer will ask that you speak respectfully when addressing the ALJ during questioning and any other interactions throughout your hearing. Remember, the hearing is non-adversarial, so the judge is not against you or out to defeat your claim.

Your Answers

Your Florida disability attorney will explain to you the importance of answering the ALJ’s questions honestly and clearly. It is not necessary for you to use complicated legal and medical terms to describe your impairment.

The Decision

The judge’s decision is an independent assessment of your claim based on your medical records and the evidence presented at your hearing. It does not matter to the judge that you have already been denied twice. In fact, at the hearing stage you have a better chance of success than at the initial application or reconsideration stages.

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