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What Will Happen at the First Meeting With a Social Security Disability Lawyer

  • Published: July 24, 2014

Ocala disability lawyerWhen preparing for a Social Security disability case, clients often wonder what happens at the initial meeting with their Ocala disability lawyer.

What a Good Ocala Disability Attorney Will Do at the First Meeting

Your lawyer will help you understand all the nuances of the Social Security disability hearing and prepare you for what will happen at the hearing. The first step will be when your appointment is scheduled. The lawyer might have a talk with you over the telephone asking that you answer a series of questions. The first meeting will be scheduled with potential deadlines in mind and the best possible time for you.

Your Ocala Disability Lawyer Will Tell You What You Should Bring

Your Social Security information will be imperative at the first meeting. Also, you will be asked to bring information about prior applications for benefits. You will be constantly reminded of the importance of getting your forms in on time. You will also need to bring papers related to your appeal such as denials and appeal forms.

If you were hospitalized and have the records, you should bring them as well. There is no need to go and get them from the medical professionals who cared for you if you don’t have them already. In the event there were other applications for disability, that information is important.

How the Interview With the Lawyer Will Be Conducted

The lawyer will give you a first interview. Then, there will be preparations for the hearing itself. The majority of cases will be heard by an administrative law judge, or ALJ. In a best case scenario, the lawyer will win you benefits without the hearing, but that might not be feasible. There is no reason to be frightened of a disability hearing.

Contact a Qualified Ocala Disability Attorney

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