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Your Denial Letter Will Help Your Florida Disability Attorney Piece Together the Puzzle of Your Case

  • Published: January 30, 2012

If your initial application for Florida Social Security disability benefits is denied, your denial letter is a key piece of the puzzle that will assist your Ocala disability lawyer in pursuing your appeals. Make sure to save all your denial letters and show them to your Social Security attorney.

Your denial letter contains important information that will help your Ocala Social Security disability attorney determine whether your claim for disability benefits was denied in error and, if that is the case, how best to address that error on appeal. For example, your denial letter may say that your Florida Social Security disability claim was denied because you are able to “engage in normal activities.”  This is Social Security’s way of saying that their evaluators do not believe you have a “severe” physical or mental impairment.  A common reason why disability evaluators reach this conclusion is that they don’t have a claimant’s complete medical records.  Knowing this information, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can work with your health care providers to complete the record.

Here is another example of helpful information that may be provided in your denial letter.  Your denial letter may state you were denied benefits because you are able to perform past relevant work or “lighter” work.  However, the letter may not specify which former job you are purportedly able to perform. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will likely be able to determine this by talking with you about your work history and determining your easiest job. Your Social Security attorney can then talk with you about your former job duties, the Social Security Administration’s definitions of “light” and “sedentary” work, and the limitations caused by your impairment. All of this information will help your disability attorney develop a persuasive and cohesive theme for your appeal.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Ocala Social Security disability lawyer about appealing the denial of your application for Florida disability benefits, please contact Claudeth Henry to discuss your case.


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