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Your Florida Disability Attorney on Effective Witness Testimony

  • Published: January 2, 2014

If you choose to have witnesses present at your hearing to testify on your behalf, it will be important for them to understand what makes testimony helpful and relevant. Your Florida disability attorney will speak to your witnesses and go over the information below with them in more detail.

Your Florida Disability Attorney on Spousal Testimony

One person you may want to ask to testify at your hearing will be your spouse; she has usually known you longest and spends the most time with you. Thus, she can testify about what you were like before and since your impairment. Your Florida disability lawyer will advise her not to simply state that your pain has left you disabled or that you can no longer do housework. Instead, your spouse should be descriptive and tell the story from the beginning. She should explain what you were able to do before your impairment began to affect your life and what specific things you are currently unable to do. Your Florida disability attorney will ask her to tell the judge about the various medicines you require on a daily basis or the housework she now has to complete because you are no longer able.

Your Florida Disability Lawyer on Co-Worker Testimony

Another good witness option will be a co-worker who knows you well enough to describe your limitations and abilities in the work place. As with a spouse as a witness, a co-worker you’ve known for a long time can describe the specific work activities you were once able to do that you can no longer handle as a result of your impairment. Your co-worker can speak to your Florida disability attorney about how to provide a narrative for the judge about how your impairment has affected your work.

Witness Preparation With Your Florida Disability Lawyer

Your attorney will speak to you about choosing witnesses for your hearing, after which he will want to meet with those witnesses to help them prepare. CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC has a Florida disability attorney that can help. Call 352-304-5300 today.

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