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Your Testimony: Medical History

  • Published: July 12, 2011

At your disability hearing, you may not be asked any questions about your medical history at all. This is because the judge will have your file on hand, which includes your medical records, and may feel that those records from medical care facilities and professionals speak for themselves. Part of your Ocala disability lawyer’s job is to make sure that all of the records that the judge should see are in the hearing exhibit file. In addition, when necessary, your Ocala disability attorney should request and include in the hearing exhibit file letters from your doctors that explain your medical issues as well as their opinions as to how limited you are.

Although you may not be asked any questions, it is good to know what kinds of questions would be asked. The frequency of your doctor’s visits, the types of treatments you are undergoing, how long you have been suffering from our condition, what medications you take, how often you take those medications, how the medications work, and what side effects are associated with the medications are general types of questions that might be asked of you.

The judge will not expect you to explain technical issues related to your condition. Any specific medical knowledge that you have of your condition, especially if not obtained from your doctor, should be cleared with your lawyer before you testify. If you are directly asked by the judge what your doctor has said about your condition, do your best to directly and accurately quote your doctor.

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