An Ocala disability lawyer explains when there is good cause for late Social Security disability appeals

Sometimes, you can get an extension from the Social Security Administration on the deadline to submit an appeal of the denial of Social Security benefits. To do this, you must show Social Security that there was good cause for missing the deadline. Your Ocala disability lawyer can help you with this Read more →

An Ocala disability lawyer describes the appeal process in Social Security disability

The Social Security Administration’s initial determination of whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits is not the final word on the subject. In fact, there are four distinct levels where Social Security can evaluate your claim: (1) The initial determination (2) Reconsideration determination (3) A Read more →

ERISA Disability Lawyer, Ocala Florida

If you need an experienced ERISA disability attorney in the Ocala, Florida area, C J Henry Law Firm, PLLC can help. We specialize in obtaining disability benefits for people throughout Ocala and the entire state of Florida. Whether you're making an initial application, appealing a denial, or filing Read more →

Health Insurance Rescission

Recently, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that prohibits health insurers from giving bonuses to employees for canceling or limiting a patient’s coverage. Apparently this law was in response to reports that insurers had rewarded employees who canceled coverage retroactively Read more →