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A Disability Attorney in Ocala, Florida Reviews Witness Questions

  • Published: September 5, 2013

In addition to obtaining your own testimony, your disability attorney in Ocala, Florida will question the witnesses in your case.

Possible Questions

Your disability attorney in Ocala, Florida may ask a witness questions regarding such issues as the following:

Ability to Walk:

  • Have you noticed over the last several years that the claimant has been unable to walk with ease?
  • How far can the claimant walk (in city blocks) before needing to stop? When the claimant rests, how long does this take?

Use of Hands and Arms:

  • What difficulties, if any, have you noticed in the claimant’s use of hands and arms? (Your disability lawyer in Ocala, Florida will ask the claimant to provide a description.)
  • Does the claimant have difficulty holding things? What kinds of items might he or she drop? How frequently have you seen this happen?


  • Does the claimant’s condition appear to cause pain?
  • How often is the claimant hurting?
  • What leads you to believe he or she is hurting?


  • Is the claimant easily tired?
  • What kinds of activities would the claimant find exhausting?
  • How quickly does the claimant recover?

Speed of Activities:

  • Does the claimant perform tasks or accomplish things at a pace or rate of speed unlike that of someone who has no disability? (Your disability attorney in Ocala, Florida will need to know the difference.)
  • How would you describe the claimant’s pace compared to someone else’s if you had to express it as a percentage?

Emotions and Mental State:

  • Does the claimant exhibit any sudden onsets of depression, memory issues, lack of attention or reduced concentration, crying episodes, withdrawal from others, panic attacks, or other emotional and/or mental difficulties?
  • When this happens, how long does it continue, and how frequently does it occur?

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