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An Ocala Disability Attorney Discusses Testifying About Fatigue

  • Published: September 5, 2013

The assistance of an experienced Ocala disability attorney can be of great value as you prepare your testimony concerning fatigue at your hearing.

An Ocala Disability Lawyer Lists Questions to Expect at Your Hearing

Your Ocala disability attorney can advise you to expect the following questions about your fatigue:

  • When did you notice its onset?
  • Was the onset sudden?
  • Please provide a description of your fatigue.
  • Is your fatigue similar to sleepiness or drowsiness?
  • Could your fatigue be compared to feeling tired, weak or enervated?
  • At such times, do you become impatient?
  • Does fatigue affect your motivation to accomplish tasks?
  • What conditions exacerbate this condition? Does your condition worsen when you are: unhappy? Stressed, depressed or anxious? How has stress affected your condition? Doing arduous tasks? At what level of exertion does your fatigue appear? Exposed to hot weather, or when you are in a hot bath?
  • Are you more fatigued at different times of day? When does fatigue affect you least?
  • Please list for your Ocala disability attorney some things that help your condition. Are you less fatigued when: something pleasant happens to you? When you are rested?
  • Please describe how you sleep.
  • How much rest do you need in order to feel well enough to become active?

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