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An Ocala Disability Lawyer Outlines Who May Be Present at Your Hearing

  • Published: September 3, 2013

In addition to yourself and your Ocala disability lawyer, there will be a few other people at your disability hearing.

Who to Expect at Your Hearing

Only people with a direct bearing on your case will attend this private meeting. These include the administrative law judge (ALJ), the judge’s assistant recording the meeting, yourself, your Ocala disability lawyer and witnesses. Only outsiders with permission from you and the ALJ are permitted to observe the proceeding.


Depending on the ALJ’s normal procedure, witnesses may or may not be present during your testimony. If they are not, they will be called from a waiting room when their testimony is required (this is referred to as sequestering). The ALJ may sequester a witness if he or she feels that a witness’ testimony is more likely to be believable if the witness has not heard other testimony. If you do not want a witness present when you testify, your Ocala disability attorney can help to ensure that your request is granted by the ALJ.

Mental Impairments

Because a claimant in a mental impairment case may be deeply disturbed by testimony gathered by his or her Ocala disability lawyer from witnesses such as friends and relatives, the claimant will be sequestered during witness testimony. This has an added benefit because the witnesses themselves are more likely to speak freely if the claimant is not there to hear what they say.

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