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A Disability Law Firm in Ocala, Florida Discusses the Hearing

  • Published: September 26, 2013

If you are facing a disability hearing, it is helpful to know what to expect. An attorney from a disability law firm in Ocala, Florida can provide you with valuable information that may take much of the stress out of the process.

A General Overview

The presiding official at a disability hearing is the ALJ (administrative law judge). There are no opposing sides, and the atmosphere is fairly informal. Unlike you, who will have your disability law firm in Ocala, Florida attorney with you, the SSA is not represented by counsel—therefore, you will not be cross-examined, just asked questions about your disability from a neutral judge.

The SSA is concerned only with granting benefits when they are merited and denying them when they are not. Thus, the ALJ’s responsibility is to determine whether or not you qualify for disability and make the declaration accordingly.


ALJs usually consider themselves neutral fact-finders, and tend to grant benefits to approximately 60 percent of appealed cases. Some ALJs are more ready to grant benefits than others, who may be more difficult to convince.

Preparing the Case

Your attorney will assemble all relevant medical opinions, reports and documentation, and present witnesses’ testimony. The aim is to present your case in a favorable manner. Your attorney should maintain a positive relationship with the ALJ. For an ALJ to point out an issue with some aspect of a case is not uncommon, and although your attorney may argue the point, they are not adversaries.

The Meeting

You and your disability law firm in Ocala, Florida attorney may attend the hearing in person or via video teleconference. The ALJ may consider evidence that would be inadmissible in court, and deadlines for submitting evidence are not strict. Your attorney may ask the ALJ for a subpoena or additional time to acquire evidence if needed.

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It is important for you to know how disability hearings work and what to expect so that you can be fully prepared. Contact a disability law firm in Ocala, Florida by calling the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC at 352-304-5300 today.

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