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An Ocala, Florida Disability Law Firm Attorney Addresses Testifying About Symptoms

  • Published: September 19, 2013

As your Ocala, Florida disability law firm attorney can explain, the way you describe your symptoms to the judge is crucial to your case.

Describing How Your Illness Makes You Feel

You, and only you, can accurately describe your physical condition. Whether you suffer from pain, breathlessness, vertigo, exhaustion, etc., you know exactly how it feels. Since this is what prevents you from working, your Ocala, Florida disability law firm attorney, as well as the judge, will expect you to provide detailed descriptions of exactly what you’re suffering from. Simply naming the condition is not enough. There are many people in the work force who have arthritis or lung disease. What makes the difference is how bad your condition makes you feel. This is what the judge needs to know.

Be Specific

Telling your Ocala, Florida disability law firm lawyer or the judge that your back hurts is no more useful than simply naming the disease. Describe the pain precisely and honestly, as you would to your doctor. Give details as to the type, location, extent, intensity, degree of radiation, and frequency of the pain. Tell the judge whether or not your pain changes on a daily basis and what activities cause, exacerbate or assuage it.

An attorney at a disability law firm in Ocala, Florida will tell you to be careful that you neither exaggerate nor minimize your symptoms, as this affects your credibility with the judge, especially if your description is contrary to your doctor’s reports. Be wary of superlatives like “agonizing” or “tremendous” and avoid absolutes like “never” and “always.” If you make your symptoms sound worse than they are, it can only do harm to your case. At the same time, making light of your symptoms doesn’t help you either, because it may convince the judge that you do not have sufficient limitations to qualify as disabled.

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