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A Social Security Attorney in Ocala Answers Questions Related to a Favorable SSD Ruling

  • Published: August 22, 2013

Once the Social Security Administration deems you disabled, you will likely have a great deal of questions for your Social Security attorney in Ocala.

A Social Security Attorney in Ocala Discusses Direct Deposit

One of the more common questions a Social Security lawyer in Ocala must answer is whether or not a claimant should sign up to get benefits directly deposited into a bank account. Those interested in getting direct deposit can do so by communicating with a Social Security office.

However, those who failed to sign up before their hearings may not be able to have any back benefits paid that way. It is likely that the Social Security Administration already mailed out a check for any back payments that are owed to you. A Social Security lawyer in Ocala can tell you that you may face issues receiving back benefits via direct deposit—for instance, people may forget that they signed up when they applied and close the bank account they submitted to the administration.

If you find yourself in any of those situations, an attorney will tell you that it will probably take some time for this to get worked out. The best solution may be to visit a Social Security office so you can provide the SSA with updated information.

A Social Security Attorney in Ocala Explains When to Cash the Check or Spend the Money

It is completely appropriate to cash the check you receive. However, a Social Security attorney in Ocala can advise that is best not to blow it all until you receive a Notice of Award—and instead, you should place most of it in an account that pays interest. Doing this gives your counsel the chance to review the benefits to determine whether attorneys’ fees were taken out or you were given more money than you expected to receive. A good rule of thumb is to make two copies of the check, keep one, and then send the other to your Social Security Attorney in Ocala.

Contact a Social Security Lawyer in Ocala for Assistance

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