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A Social Security Disability Attorney in Ocala Discusses Vocational Issues

  • Published: August 15, 2013

A Social Security disability attorney in Ocala can tell you that a vocational professional may testify as to whether a person with similar mental and physical impairments would be capable of doing the same job as the claimant. Another fair question is whether the claimant has skills that could be used in a number of different fields. A Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala can tell you that whether a person’s work skills are transferable to other jobs is important.

A Lack of Transferable Skills

Claimants who are younger can be denied benefits if they can’t performed unskilled job duties even if it is determined that the claimant possesses no skills that can be used in other jobs. There are different standards related to the transfer of skills for those older than 50.

A Social Security disability attorney in Ocala can tell you that another critical factor is whether there are many jobs available that fall into the claimant’s residual functional capacity (RFC), age, work experience and educational background. This will determine if a person can switch to another job. Many of these questions and concerns arise when the Medical-Vocational Guidelines don’t clearly outline whether a claimant is disabled. A person’s RFC, educational background and work history must fit a specific benchmark outlined in the guidelines for them to be used properly.

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