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Advice for Testifying in a Social Security Disability Hearing

  • Published: August 21, 2014

Social Security Disability Attorney width=”242″. When preparing to testify in a social security disability hearing, a disability lawyer in Ocala will provide a client with tips on giving effective testimony.

Do Not Rehearse, but Do Explain Ambiguities

Your testimony should not sound rehearsed, so it will be prepared for in a gradual way. The attorney will listen to what you’re saying and will point out aspects that must be explained more deeply.

It is possible that you will be sitting with your disability lawyer in Ocala for a half-hour or more. This might seem to contradict your statement that you can only sit for 15 minutes. The ambiguous nature of the question of how long you’re able to sit lends itself to some flexibility. It’s possible that you can sit for a half-hour, but will immediately need an extended rest after you get home because of it. When testifying, your lawyer will suggest that you provide more information in detail as to your ability to sit, stand, lift and tolerate common employment situations.

Provide Examples

It will help the administrative law judge (ALJ) to understand your plight if you explain your issues in your own way. To make sure you’re not too stiff or formal, the attorney will tell you to speak to the judge in a casual, though respectful, way as if you’re talking to a relative or longtime friend.

When asked about a normal day in your life, you will have an opening to give detailed testimony of how your injuries are affecting you. Give a full recap of what happens to you on a typical day and what you can and can’t do. Provide examples of certain activities and how long they take you now in comparison to how long it used to take you when you were fully capable.

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