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Good And Bad Testimony

  • Published: August 26, 2014

Testimony from coworkers or company representatives can either help or harm your case. Your Florida disability lawyer can show you the difference between good and poor testimony.

Co-worker testimony

 Poor: (Client) can’t work a power sewing machine. It’s too hard.

Better: (Client) worked the sewing machine next to mine at the clothing factory. Other than two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour for lunch, we sit all day. Working the machine takes both hands and one foot. The finished pieces we lift and carry weigh as much as 20 pounds, and we have to make quota. Coordination and vision have to be good. (Client) can’t handle the job if she can’t keep up.

Poor: I’m the HR director for this company. (Client) did her best, but her disability prevented her from doing her accustomed work.

Better: As Company HR director, I can state that (Client) was employed in furniture finishing as a hand sander. Physical requirements included standing all day (with normal breaks), bending, stooping, lifting approximately 30 pounds and maintaining difficult positions. Her illness (her doctor reported treating her for a nervous condition) caused her to miss 31 work days and leave early 16 times. We had to stop the assembly line because she wasn’t here. She works well when she’s here, but we couldn’t keep her because of her absenteeism.

Disability through Employer

Poor: As HR director, I processed (Client’s) company disability claim. Because he is drawing disability through us, I believe he should have social security disability too.

Better: As HR director, I processed (Client’s) disability claim. Company policy states that an employee is disabled if, for 6 months, his impairment prevents him from doing his accustomed or similar work. Using that criteria, we found (Client) disabled.

Be prepared

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