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Back Pain Evidence

  • Published: January 29, 2013

Subjective Evidence and Your Credibility

Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney knows that objective evidence is important in any back injury case, but also knows that the Social Security Administration (SSA) must take into account subjective evidence such as your medical history, your credibility and the consistency of your complaints.

The SSA will examine how consistent your subjective complaints of pain have been:

– Is there an overall consistency over time?
– Are your complaints the same with every doctor you have seen?
– If there are inconsistencies, can they be explained by changes in your symptoms over a period of time?

The SSA will look at various things when assessing your credibility:

– How have you gone about seeking relief of your alleged symptoms?
– Have your activities been limited by pain?
– What has been the nature and frequency of your doctor visits?
– How have you responded to treatments?
– What comments has your treating physician made in the records regarding your credibility?

Psychogenic Factors

If patients suffer from psychological distress and/or an exceptional fear of pain which causes an avoidance of exercise, physical therapy or other helpful activities, they will tend to develop chronic low back pain. This may help to explain any discrepancy between pain that is out of proportion to what the medical evidence would lead to expect. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can obtain your physician’s opinion as to whether or not you may fall into this category. If so, a psychological evaluation may be necessary to corroborate the problem.

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