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Common issues in Florida Social Security disability claims involving alcoholics and drug addicts

  • Published: April 6, 2012

Separating mental impairments resulting from addiction from mental impairments not caused by addiction

It is particularly helpful to have an experienced disability lawyer assist you with your Florida Social Security disability claim when documented substance use disorders and mental impairments are involved. As an experienced Ocala disability lawyer, I know that these are some of the most complicated and difficult disability claims because it is extremely difficult to differentiate between mental limitations resulting from substance use versus mental limitations resulting from other causes. If you have mental impairments that would diminish sufficiently to allow you to work if you stopped using drugs or alcohol, you will not be disabled.

Because of this, the Social Security Administration suggests that the most useful evidence come from a period when the claimant is not using drugs or alcohol.

Prejudice against alcoholics and addicts

While alcoholism and drug addiction can be common issues affecting our society today, Florida disability claimants who suffer from these afflictions can often be viewed with prejudice by Social Security Administration adjudicators.

As an Ocala disability lawyer, the best thing I can suggest to an Ocala disability claimant suffering from alcohol or drug addiction is to stop drinking or using drugs. The greatest evidence of disability that can be presented in a case that involves drug abuse or alcoholism comes after a claimant has stopped using drugs or alcohol. It is much easier to prove a Florida disability case if a claimant remains incapable of working after a significant period of sobriety. However, it will do a claimant no good to lie that he or she has stopped using drugs or alcohol. Indeed, lying about this will likely make the case more difficult to win.

Florida Social Security disability cases involving drug addiction or alcoholism can be very complex. Contact dedicated Ocala disability lawyer Claudeth J. Henry for help with your disability case.

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