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Disability Claims

  • Published: May 6, 2019

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some of the companies we depend upon to help us through difficult times let us down when it comes time to deliver. A prime example of the disappointment and frustration insurance policyholders can face is a denial of a valid disability claim. If you've received a Liberty Mutual long-term disability denial, an experienced Ocala FL LTD attorney at CJ Henry Law Firm PLLC can help. Liberty Mutual Leads the Way in Consumer Complaints Despite the friendly advertisements, Liberty Mutual has a long history of consumer complaints. A report from the American Association of Justice lists the insurance company as one of the ten worst in the country. Dubious Practices Are All Too Common There is…Read More

  • Published: August 14, 2014

If you are seeking SSD benefits, then you must be ready to answer questions about your conditions from the ALJ or your lawyer at the disability hearing. A qualified Social Security disability attorney in Ocala will cover the important questions and find answers. Driver's License and Handicapped Parking Permit Do you currently have a driver's license? If you do not, did you ever have one in the past? Can you explain to your Social Security disability attorney in Ocala why you don't have a license right now? What are the specials restrictions on your driver's license, if any? Some examples include: Glasses. Times of day. Speed. Distance. Do you possess a handicapped parking permit? If there is an automobile you have regular…Read More

The Purposes of Your Testimony at Your Disability Hearing
  • Published: August 7, 2014

A disability lawyer in Ocala will explain the reasons you are testifying in your hearing and what you're hoping to accomplish. A Disability Attorney in Ocala Will Tell You the Goals You Will Have When You Testify As your attorney is preparing you for the hearing, you will learn that your goals are to prove the following: 1) You are unable to do any job you've done over the previous 15 years. 2) You can't do any other job that is available in substantial numbers. When it comes to the first goal, your disability lawyer in Ocala will ask you to provide a description of your easiest job over the previous 15 years. Then you will tell the judge why you are…Read More

  • Published: April 24, 2014

In the paragraphs below, an experienced Ocala Social Security disability law office attorney explains the importance of your treatment history. Role of Your Medical Records Medical records document everything you have done in your efforts to cure or improve your condition. They document your symptoms, what your physicians have prescribed or done, your compliance with their instructions and the results of treatment. They also provide documentation for your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer and the ALJ of the existence and severity of the condition that your claim cites as rendering you unable to work. Current and Complete Medical Records You can contribute to the accuracy and completeness of your medical records by implementing the following suggestions: Consult a physician. Your…Read More

  • Published: April 17, 2014

In the following paragraphs, an Ocala Social Security disability claims attorney answers the question of whether or not it is possible to receive both unemployment compensation and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. Importance of the Onset Date This date, which marks the day when your impairment first manifested itself, is crucial to determining whether or not you are eligible for both programs. The other factor to be considered is the various kinds of work that might suit your abilities. The onset date has significance because if you state on your application that you were impaired on the same day you began receiving unemployment benefits after your employer laid you off, there is an inherent conflict. By submitting…Read More

  • Published: April 3, 2014

The unfortunate fact is that sometimes even severely impaired claimants are denied disability benefits. This should not stop you from applying, though. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will explain errors SSA sometimes makes in denying claims. Reasons for Claim Denial There are several possibilities for why SSA denied your claim. The severity of your impairment may have been erroneously assessed. If SSA did not consider all of your impairments together or all of the medical evidence available, your claim may have been wrongly denied. Claims are often denied if SSA does not give the appropriate consideration to your statements of pain, symptoms or ability to do past work. Finally, SSA sometimes denies claims if your ability and intelligence level…Read More

  • Published: January 16, 2014

Proving arthritis and joint dysfunction for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult. Individuals who suffer from arthritis can oftentimes still walk around on their own. The Social Security Administration may focus on this fact to deny your claim. As a result, you will want to work with an Ocala Florida disability lawyer. Effective Mobility Explained by an Ocala Florida Disability Attorney The Social Security regulations provide that your ability to ambulate must be impaired to receive benefits. An Ocala Florida disability lawyer can tell you that the SSA likes to read this regulation as requiring you to move with a walker before you can collect benefits. However, this strict reading is not accurate. In fact, you may entitled to…Read More

  • Published: November 21, 2013

To be certified by the Social Security Administration for a disability claim you will need to you choose from two distinct courses of action. Making sure you pick the pathway that is strongest for your case might require experienced counsel. A skilled Florida disability lawyer will point you in the right direction and help you through the process.Read More

  • Published: September 18, 2013

When you and your Ocala disability lawyer attend your disability hearing, you will likely be questioned about the daily activities you perform, your work history, and your medical history. Other subjects might be broached as well. It can be to your benefit to think of specific instances from your life to use as references when replying to these questions.  Read More

  • Published: August 23, 2013

It can assist your Ocala disability lawyer if you have tangible examples when you testify at your hearing for disability benefits. At the hearing, you might be asked about the activities you partake in throughout the day, your medical records, what kind of work you have done, and other questions.Read More

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