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Your Ocala Social Security Disability Lawyer on Claim Denial

  • Published: April 3, 2014

The unfortunate fact is that sometimes even severely impaired claimants are denied disability benefits. This should not stop you from applying, though. Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will explain errors SSA sometimes makes in denying claims.

Reasons for Claim Denial

There are several possibilities for why SSA denied your claim. The severity of your impairment may have been erroneously assessed. If SSA did not consider all of your impairments together or all of the medical evidence available, your claim may have been wrongly denied. Claims are often denied if SSA does not give the appropriate consideration to your statements of pain, symptoms or ability to do past work. Finally, SSA sometimes denies claims if your ability and intelligence level differ from your documented level of education.

Next Steps

After denial it will be best if you speak immediately with your Ocala Social Security disability attorney. Your attorney will assure you that claims denied on initial application are often approved later on at the hearing level. In fact, while two thirds of initial applications are denied, up to half are approved at hearing. Thus, your attorney will be able to guide you as to what will come next for your claim.

Whether you are just beginning the application process or have been denied benefits, an attorney from CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC can help. Call their offices today at 352.304.5300.

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