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How the SSA will Handle Non-Controlling Doctor’s Opinions

  • Published: April 3, 2014

It’s imperative for an Ocala Social Security disability lawyer to obtain a doctor’s opinion on your condition as even a non controlling physician opinion can persuade the SSA to reward your benefits.

An Ocala Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer Explains How a Non-Controlling Opinion Is Still Useful

The decision maker of your case will accept doctor’s opinion as long as he is able to support his conclusion that you are disabled instead of merely stating that you are disabled. This means that they may consider your doctor’s opinion even if he is not deemed as controlling.

The SSA Will Consider the Following Questions to Decide How Much Weight They Will Give to Your Treating Source’s Opinion

  • What is the nature and extent of the treatment relationship?
  • Does the treating source know you very well?
  • How many times has the treating source met with you?
  • Does your treating source have a detailed, in depth understanding of your impairment?
  • What is the treating source’s specialization?
  • What are the type and extent of the examination and testing performed, or ordered, by the treating source?
  • Is your treating source’s explanation well supported?
  • How much is the doctor’s opinion supported by pertinent evidence, especially medically legitimate clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques?
  • Is the medical evidence consistent with other evidence?

An Ocala Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses What Happens If Your Doctor Is Working for the Veterans Administration

Unlike in the past, Veterans Administration now allow their doctors to complete reports used in SSD cases. Thus, if your doctor is working for the VA, you may request him to fill out such reports for your case. However, he may decline to do so if requested by the SSA.

What You Need If Your Treating Source Involves Practitioners

If your treating source are a physician and a nurse practitioner, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will require a standalone opinion from the physician or have the physician counter-sign the opinion by the nurse practitioner. In all likelihood, the physician’s opinion will be considered as the “treating source” of the two, even if he personally saw you once but supervised other treatments performed by the nurse practitioner.

An Ocala Social Security disability benefits lawyer at the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC knows how to find medical evidence and doctor opinions that are necessary to obtain SSD benefits. For a free initial consultation, call us today at 1.352.304.5300.

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