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Deciding Whether you can do Unskilled Work

  • Published: May 22, 2014

Mental impairments are evaluated with different criteria in Social Security disability claims, as your Ocala Social Security Disability Law Firm will tell you. Generally, claimants who only claim mental disorders and who are still able to do unskilled work will be denied benefits. This happens because there are many unskilled jobs in the economy that would still be doable by such a claimant. However, if a claimant has a limited education, is close to retirement age and has a long history of unskilled work that is no longer doable, the SSA might make an exception.

Unskilled work is defined as work that needs little or no judgment to do simple duties. These are duties that can be learned on the job in a short period of time, such as placing or removing materials from machines that are operated by others, or machine tending. A rule of thumb your Ocala Social Security Disability Law Firm might tell you is that if a person can learn to do the job in 30 days with little vocational preparation, it might be considered unskilled.

What is a “Marked Impairment”?

Claimants with a marked impairment in any of the abilities required for unskilled work will likely be awarded disability benefits, even if they do not have a physical impairment. This may be a viable route for you and your Ocala Social Security Disability Lawyer to argue for benefits.

This test asks if you are unable to meet any one of several rudimentary work-related activities for a sustained work schedule (eight hours a day, five days a week). These tests include things such as understanding, remembering and carrying out instructions, and dealing with changes in a routine work setting.

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