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Factors in Evaluating Your Credibility

  • Published: May 29, 2014

An Ocala Social Security Disability Law Office Attorney Looks At Credibility

In the following blog, an attorney with your Ocala Social Security disability law office discusses how your credibility is assessed.

Supporting Documentation

You and your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will be expected to back your testimony up with the appropriate documentation. This may include testimony from physicians and other experts, medical reports and results of laboratory testing, physicians’ opinions and diagnoses, anything that SSA employees might have learned from speaking with you and such conclusions as the decision-maker himself or herself has drawn through their contact with you.

Uniformity Of Your Testimony

The statements you make to the adjudicator must be consistent with the materials in your medical record and any other documentation pertinent to your case. Your remarks must also be in agreement with the testimony of your doctors and other medical personnel who have been involved in your treatment and the assessment of your condition. Further, they must follow logically and consistently with what you have said in prior conversations with Social Security Administration personnel, medical personnel and representatives of other organizations from whom you are seeking compensation. These might include private insurers, your employer’s health benefits, worker’s compensation or other sources.

The adjudicator will look closely at your testimony and review all the materials pertaining to your case to ascertain that the information being presented is reliable. Barring such normal changes as might occur in the severity of symptoms and their affect on your abilities your testimony, that of others and the documentation in your records should all tally.

Prepare Yourself Properly

For help in preparing your Social Security disability case, contact the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC, your Ocala Social Security disability law office, by calling 352-304-5300 without delay.

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